The Sermon on the Mount,  sources on the web

Linking policy

In keeping with good web etiquette, links are provided to the top level of each site where possible. Where only a subset of the site is relevant a subsidiary link may be included, though these easily become out of date.

Any opinions expressed concerning these sites are personal impressions formed on a specific visit. Others may disagree with them or they may cease to reflect the current situation, so please form your own opinions.


  1. General or popular interest
  2. Scholarly sites
  3. Sources for texts
  4. Other online commentaries on the Sermon
  5. Directories
  6. Search engines

1. General or popular interest

These sites are likely to be of interest to those with a general interest in the bible or Christianity.

2. Scholarly sites

These sites adopt a scholarly approach and are therefore likely to be of more interest to students with a significant knowledge of the bible.

3. Other online commentaries on the Sermon

4. Sources for texts

These sites provide access to translations of early church literature or original language versions of gospels.

5. Directories

These directories contain categorised lists of web sites relating to particular topics.

6. Search Engines

The following are less well-known, but useful, search engine interfaces, search engines, or engines with a Christian emphasis.